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Our consultative approach means we are more than just resellers; rather, we seek to be your business partner. We work closely with each customer, making sure that their IT budget is spent wisely and that the result exceeds expectations.

We focus on all aspects of information protection, availability and compliance, ensuring that your data is stored, moved, secured, analysed and integrated according to your business requirements.

Our five solutions, ‘the five pillars’ or SMSA-I, are related to IT storage, movement, security, analysis and integration.

Store IT

Whether it is used in a personal or professional capacity, information is a critical asset in today’s world. The volume of information available to businesses continues to grow at an astounding rate, and it’s vital that this information is accessible and secure at all times.

Increasing volumes of information have amplified the challenges we face in storing, protecting and managing data; a situation made more complex by the legal, regulatory and contractual obligations placed on companies in terms of data availability and protection.

Our data storage and backup services address these and other challenges. This offering includes solutions with various types of storage implementations, such as DAS, NAS and SAN, which store data on a central storage sub-system. Because this data is then written to a secondary sub-system, this approach reduces complexity in data management, capacity, security and scalability, and protects data against corruption, be it human or system error and internal or external attacks.

Data can be protected using a variety of techniques:

DATA BACKUP: This approach copies primary data to a secondary location so that it may be recovered in the case of loss.

DATA ARCHIVING: While similar to data backup, this technique is intended for longer retention periods.

DATA REPLICATION: Here, data is copied from one server to another. This allows users to share data, provides production data to perform application tests, and is key for quality assurance and training.

Move IT

Any data that is in motion will, at some point, bridge a connection between two other networks, while creating traffic on its own network.

Our task is to provide automated visibility, control, management, optimisation and analysis while this is happening.

Network optimisation improves your organisation’s productivity levels, leveraged on accelerated application performance while attaining ROI (return on investment). It further provides a real-time view of critical business selection metrics such as service delivery, network performance and operational support.

The benefits to your organisation:

Reduced installation time

Highly Reliable

Sound technology fit

Automation and predictive network analytics ensure the network is better equipped to meet user expectations. Performance is improved because 95% of operational IT infrastructure issues are identified and resolved before they impact your production network.

Organisations typically reduce downtime fivefold and cut operating costs by an average of 30% while eliminating the need for multiple management tools and the expertise to support them.

The bottom line: when you use M2TD managed solutions, you save money.

Secure IT

Organisations often find themselves in a never- ending quest to protect their systems and sensitive information from unauthorised access to information disclosure.

It’s a worthy pursuit, as information can give organisations a distinct edge against competitors. Small wonder, then, that cyber-crime has developed into a multi-billion rand industry; so sophisticated that security personnel are ill-equipped and under resourced to address most information security issues.

By entrusting us with their information systems and valuable data, organisations are freed to focus on their core business. Our expertise, augmented by our experience in a wide range of sectors, enables us to tailor our suite of information security solutions and services to your exact needs.

Our services include:

Governance and Advisory Consulting

Enterprise security architecture

Security frameworks, policies and processes

Information security awareness training

Information security resourcing

Identity and access management

Security intelligence

Security information and events management (SIEM)

24/7 managed security incident response

Gateway security network access/admission control

Network security design, deployment and management

Endpoint security management

Outsourced operations

Fully managed information network security operations

Mobile security

Enterprise mobility management

Compliance enforcement

Data security

Data encryption at rest and in transit


Security controls assessments information security assessments and evaluation

Analyse IT

We believe analytics is a powerful tool for extracting value from data and accelerating business decisions.

Our leading technologies help you find deeper insights and drive real-time actions from your data. We will help you to use analytics to uncover opportunities in all types of data from a variety of sources, within and beyond your organisation.

We can help you turn dates and insight into faster action with unmatched analytics capabilities on a foundation of data you can trust. We’ll also help you adapt to today’s hybrid data – structured and unstructured, at rest and in motion, on premises, on cloud and in mixed environments.

With more data moving to the cloud while other information remains on site, a hybrid and fluid architecture is a must. This model increases the value of your data and analytics platform and improves data performance for multiple use cases at cost-effective scale.

Integrate IT

Integrating diverse data from multiple sources is essential for making sense of your data and putting it to productive use.

Our leading partner technologies and extensive integration capabilities enable us to increase the value your data brings to critical projects. A solid metadata foundation can help you understand data, its lineage and meaning. Market-leading scalability makes it easy to keep pace with data growth.

Working with M2TD and our partners you will:

Discover, transform and integrate data

Make relevant data available to all who need it

Keep up with the most demanding requirements for data volume and speed

Spend less time finding relevant data and more time analysing it.

Optimal data integration may require the use of diverse systems and software. Our integration services can help you do this, achieving a single cohesive and smoothly functioning system.