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M2TD supports children in off-grid areas
M2TD has joined forces with Enabling Africa, the Marketing Hub, British Telcom and FlySafair to supply 1 000 solar-powered lanterns to learners at Actonville Primary.

Located outside Benoni on Johannesburg’s East Rand, the school services one of the poorest urban communities in Gauteng. Built to accommodate 750 children, it currently has a student body of 1 290 learners, from Grades 0 to 7. All of them are from poor and disadvantaged homes; many are orphans or live in foster care. Most live in shacks or large hostels.

More than 55% of these learners have no access to electric lighting, making it impossible for them to complete their homework in the evenings. The solar-powered lanterns donated by M2TD make this a problem of the past by providing up to six hours of light.

The project holds great significance for M2TD CEO David Mashatane. “These children have started life at a disadvantage, and their limited access to resources means that many will struggle to better their circumstances,” he says. “These lanterns shed light on their lives in more ways than one: they mean a better education – and a better future.”