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M2TD’s brand prioritises passion, personal development, and work-life balance. The company takes pride in its image as a strong, inspiring, customer service-drive entity, and welcomes people who display a high work ethic and are loyal, team-oriented and sociable. Employees who exhibit strategic thinking and outstanding communication skills thrive here.


  • Asset and Configuration Manager

    Position Summary and Primary Objectives

    The Asset & Configuration Manager ensure the implementation of Dimension Data’s Configuration and Asset Management policy and standards in larger and/or complex environments. Their primary responsibility is to advise on, define and control the components of services and infrastructure and maintain accurate asset and configuration records.

    Manage service assets

    They use the approved Configuration Management Database and are responsible for managing the configuration items as defined and agreed with the client and in accordance with the rules contained in the Standards and Policy document. They take responsibility for the management of the service assets of the organisation in order to support the other service management processes.

    Policies and procedures

    They advise on and assist with the establishment of policies, standards and procedures to govern the asset and configuration management processes. Their knowledge of these policies, standards and procedures enables them to strategize and recommend what can be managed in the management systems.

    They ensure that employees comply with identification standards for object types, environments, processes, life cycles, documentation, versions, formats, releases and templates. They contribute to and attend Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings, in many instances advising on asset and configuration management issues.

    In an ITO environment, they agree the configuration management process with the client and document this accordingly. They design and implement the configuration management database update in collaboration with the client and co-ordinate the communication of and adherence to these processes with their teams.

    Develop strategy

    These individuals use their expertise and advise on and agree the scope of the asset and configuration management process, function, the items that are to be controlled and the information that is to be recorded. In so doing, they develop asset and configuration management strategies, standards, plans and procedures.

    Training and awareness

    Asset & Configuration Managers facilitate awareness campaigns to win support for new procedures relating to asset and configuration management. They ensure that these changes in methods and process are approved and communicated to staff before being implemented. They take responsibility for educating and training users on the use of the asset and configuration process.

    System management

    The Asset & Configuration Manager is responsible for planning the population of the Asset and Configuration Management System to ensure an accurate inventory of assets operated in the business. They take responsibility for the management of the Asset and Configuration Management System, central libraries, tools, common codes and data and ensure the accuracy of the data and regular housekeeping of this system. Individuals in this role evaluate existing Configuration and Asset Management systems and the design, implementation and management of new / improved systems for efficiency and effectiveness. This includes estimating and planning the work and resources involved, and monitoring and reporting on progress against the plan.


    They extract and compile all reports as defined and agreed with internal and external clients. These reports include all management reports which indicate suggested action to deal with current and foreseen shortcomings, impact analysis reports and asset and configuration status reports. They attend meetings where matters regarding their input on Asset and Configuration Management are discussed.

    Act as Advisor

    Asset & Configuration Managers propose and/or agree interfaces with the Change and Release Management, Network Management, Problem Management, Logistics and Finance functions. They initiate the actions needed to secure funds to enhance the infrastructure and staffing levels in order to cope with growth and change. Asset & Configuration Managers manages the evaluation of proprietary Asset and Configuration Management tools and recommends those that best meet the organisation’s budget, resource, timescale and technical requirements. Upon acceptance of these recommendations, they ensure that changes to asset and configuration items are recorded, managed and maintained through the change management process.

    They assist the Change Control and Release Management teams by providing the basis for further activities to be planned on any asset and configuration item that enable the assessment of impact prior to change release. These individuals agree asset and configuration items to be uniquely identified with naming conventions.

    Compliance management

    To ensure compliance with laid down procedures, they assist, contribute and participate in both internal and external audits, auditing the activities of the team and ensures that corrective action is carried out.

    People management

    The Asset & Configuration Manager act as people managers to a group of Asset and Configuration employees. They partner with the organisation to attract the right talent and ensure that their team is staffed according to requirements and that all team members are fully utilised. They ensure that employees reporting to them are engaged and understand their career opportunities, by taking responsibility for the development and training of their direct reports.

    Behavioural skills

    The Asset & Configuration Manager demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills, dealing with a variety of stakeholders. They have the ability to work with individuals at all levels using their well-developed interpersonal skills. They have a bias for action and demonstrate strong attention to detail.

    Salary: market related

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